Asparagus harvest

The trailed harvesting aid – asparagus processing directly in the field!

The STRAUSS harvesting aid was developed for customers with high demands for efficiency and speed during asparagus harvesting. The trailed version of the asparagus harvesting vehicle combines the reliability of manual asparagus harvesting with the simplicity of a trailed harvester.

The use of the STRAUSS harvesting aid leads to an enormous increase in harvesting efficiency because avoidable work such as carrying crates of goods as well as lifting and repositioning the film is no longer necessary. The work is more precise and cleaner. The use of the harvesting aid also allows a more ergonomic and less tiring way of working than traditional harvesting. The quality of the asparagus brought to the sorting hall is considerably increased thanks to the preparatory processing in the field. The asparagus is already pre-cut and the non-marketable stalks are sorted out so that further processing and storage are no longer necessary. Immediate cleaning also prevents dirt from drying on the asparagus spear.

The first STRAUSS harvesting aids are currently being used.

  • Pre-washing, pre-cutting, and pre-sorting – everything directly in the field!
  • Enormous increase in efficiency
  • Improvement of asparagus quality
  • Minimisation of personnel costs
  • Higher harvest speed

Mode of operation

The vehicle simultaneously lifts the film from up to 11 asparagus dams so that they can be harvested in parallel. The quality of the asparagus is significantly improved by the comparatively short lifting time of the film, which reduces violet discolouration of the asparagus heads. In addition, the vertical lifting prevents the asparagus from breaking. On the vehicle, the asparagus is pre-washed, pre-cut, and pre-sorted in the field.

At the end of the harvesting process, both arms are folded hydraulically, and the vehicle can be driven to the next asparagus field. Thanks to the ideal weight distribution, the tractive force required of the tractor is low.


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