Configuration for OptiSort G-Series

right variant
left variant

Freely select the number of chutes from 12 to 80

The number of chutes from the sorting machine is dependent on the number of sorting classifications. The more quality levels required, the greater the number of chutes the sorting machine should have.

The pre-cuttings or cuttings can be removed either to a bin or to a waste transport system integrated into the factory floor.


The pre-cuttings are transported to a large bin by elevator belt.

right variant

Pre-cuttings and cuttings are both transported to a large bin by elevator belt.

right variant

The cuttings from both cutting stations are transported by conveyor belts at the back of the machine and collected in one location at the beginning of the machine.

right variant

The asparagus spears must be taken out of the transport boxes by hand and placed on the feed belt.

Taking the asparagus out of the collection boxes is facilitated for the employees by a floating basin filled with water. This improves performance of the task and reduces the risk of breakage when the spears are taken out.

Double floating basin allowing spears to be removed from both sides, thereby increasing productivity.

no floating basin
one line floating basin
two line floating basin

The asparagus spears are only cut to a uniform length from the bottom before the optical quality control. Above the machine there is a conveyor system for transporting full boxes.

no add cutting unit

An additional cutting station allows the choice of two lengths per quality classification. Recommended number of chutes: from 20.

one add cutting unit

Two additional cutting units in the machine allow spears to be sorted according to 3 different lengths. Recommended number of chutes: from 30.

two add cutting units

Three additional cutting units in the machine allow spears to be sorted according to 4 different lengths. Recommended number of chutes: from 40.


The asparagus spears are transferred to and collected in the collection bin at the machine.

Each collection bin is equipped with a weighing system. This allows the asparagus to be put together in packs with an adjustable target weight. An indicator light shows when the target weight is reached.

standard collector
weighting collector

The transport boxes are transported to the machine without being automatically identified.

The scanner system serves to collect statistical data about the asparagus crop and can be combined with several farm administration programs.

without scanner
with scanner

The length-adjustable aligner, which is safe for use in the head area, positions the asparagus for cutting. The device is synchronised to the feed belt to avoid damage to the asparagus.

The freely adjustable aligner in the foot area positions the asparagus in such a way that every asparagus can be straightened, for example by removing slanting edges, no matter how much length is cut off the foot area.

one aligner
with additional aligner

The crate removal system is customised to meet the needs of the customer.

one aligner