Asparagus sorting

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The asparagus are washed in their collection boxes.

Floating basin

Facilitates gentle removal of the asparagus from the box and reduces breakage.

Scanner for data evaluation

Uses barcodes to record the picker and the crop field.

Length aligner

To ensure equal cutting of the asparagus.



Feed optimisation

A sensor serves to adjust the speed of the feed belt to the diameter of the asparagus.

Cuttings conveyor belt

To remove the pre-cuttings and cuttings from the machine.

Status light

Three indicators on your OptiSort come on when your machine’s performance drops below the value you set.

Indicators on the chute bins

Indicates the arrival of a pre-set packing unit.

Memory flaps

Collect the asparagus until the pre-set packing unit is reached and transfers it to the removal station.

Box weighing scales

For assembling large packages.

Weighing scales for small packages from 250g

For assembling optimum sales packages.

Selective asparagus cutting

Some of the asparagus can be shortened to the pre-set length after measuring.

Transport system to remove boxes

The boxes filled with asparagus are transported by roller belt or conveyor belt to the cold store or the next processing station.

GUB Buncher and buncher

Information on the GUB Buncher and Buncher can be found on the maschine's pages.